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Do you agree

 with the following?

My opinion by Crazy Eddie  (8/17/04)


 Do you agree with the following?

  1. The United States needs the help of our allies in the war against terrorism and will work to rebuild the relationships with our allies to help us in the fight against global terrorism.

  2. The President and Congress should control spending and bring the budget deficit under control.

  3. Good paying American jobs are important and incentives should be given to corporation who keep or create jobs in the USA.

  4. A clean environment is important.

  5. All Americans should have access to affordable health care.

  6. Benefits to our Veterans should not be cut.

  7. Steps must be taken to protect our ports, trains and subways from terrorist attacks.

  8. The government shouldn’t pass “No Child Left Behind” then not fund it.

  9. The government shouldn’t use “Homeland Security” to strip thousands of Americans of their workplace rights.

  10. The government shouldn’t use the National Guard and Reserve as a “Backdoor Draft”.

  11. Corporations who intentionally overcharge the government in times of war should be prosecuted.

  12. The band on assault weapons should be extended.

  13. All of the 9-11 commission’s recommendations should be put in to place soon as possible.

  14. If an hourly employee works overtime he or she should be paid for it.

  15. The United States should formulate a plan for the war in Iraq and work to bring in other nations to help keep the peace, as well as help to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq.

  16. The United States should invest in alternative forms of energy so no US Soldier will have to die for Middle East oil again.

  17. Scientist should be free to work on stem cell research so they might find cures for a multitude of illnesses.

  18. The upper 2% of Americans should not get a tax cut at the expense of the poor and middleclass.

  19. Oil Company CEO’S shouldn’t be making America’s energy policy.

  20. America’s leaders should not intentionally mislead its citizens and the world.

  21. The number of police officers on the street should be increased not decreased.

  22. A college education should be affordable for the average American.

  23. Tax brakes which encourage companies to outsource jobs overseas should be done away with.

  24. Our senior citizens should have access to affordable medications.

  25. Social Security benefits should not be tied to the performance of the stock market.

  26. The size of our military should be increased and the number of Special Forces troops should be doubled.

  27. Corporations who dump poisons in our air and water should not have their penalties reduced.

  28. Our first responders (police, firefighters, and EMCS works) should have the full funding they were promised after 9-11.

  29. The minimum wage should be increased (at least to keep pace with inflation).

  30. The war on terror should be waged in a way that does not create more terrorist then we are killing or capturing.

  31. The government should stay out of its citizen’s personal life.

  32. The way to protect our forests from wild fires is not to cut the forest down.

  33. Our leader should not mislead.

  34. Our public servants should be selected by their qualifications not their political affiliation.

All of the statements above reflect the positions of John Kerry. I have found when I talk to someone issue by issue they agree with John Kerry on almost every issue. For some reason people are influenced by the misleading, negative, advertising of the Bush campaign. If Americans pay attention to the facts and not the 30 second sound bites; John Kerry will win in a landslide.


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