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My opinion by Crazy Eddie  (10/3/04)


I wrote this in response to an e-mail full of lies and distortions, about John Kerry that I received today.   


I am so sick of the lies being told about John Kerry. I guess if you can't win reelection on your record, then destroy your opponent ant any cost! Don't talk about the 1000 + servicemen killed by the reckless prosecution of this war, or the over 7000+ men who left a part of their body on the battlefield, or the 20,000 + innocent Iraqi civilians who lost their lives. Another American was beheaded by insurgences in Iraq today. Are the perpetrators of this horrendous act going to be captured or killed? We don’t seem to be able to find a seven foot tall Arabic man running around the mountains of Afghanistan dragging a dialysis machine behind him, so forgive me if I don’t put to much faith in the prospects of their capture.


Why do so many Americans blindly support this president? I understand Americans wanting to believe in their leaders. What could be worse than a patriotic American, who loves their country, feeling that their government betrayed them? But it is time to wake up and look what is going on around us.

Why did we invade Iraq?


  • “Weapons of Mass Destruction” - I will give them that one, most people felt they had WMD’S, but most experts believed that the containment measures in place was working and they were right

  • “Imminent threat” - our intelligence never said that Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States

  • "The implied link between 9-11 and Iraq” - there has never been any link, but Bush and Cheney continue to this day to spread the lie that Iraq is somehow linked to 9-11

  • “A threat to peace in the region “– Iraq wasn’t a threat to peace in the region before the war but they certainly are now

  • “Sadam was a brutal dictator” – this is certainly true but if we use this as a  reason to overthrow a government then we should overthrow dozens of other countries around the world

  • "Nuclear threat” and “purchased yellow cake from Africa” – The CIA told Bush before he said this in his State of the Union Address that it was not true but he told the lie anyway

  • "A threat to world peace” – I don’t think anyone really believed this one

Even if you believed in the war in Iraq you can’t be happy with the way Bush has prosecuted this war. This Administration has shown gross incompetence in the way this war has been waged.

  • Bush did not have a post war plan – Under international law we have the obligation to protect the citizens of the country we now occupy. Remember Colin Powell warned Bush before the war “you break it then you own it”. Well my friend we broke it.

  • Our military leaders told us we would need hundreds of thousands of troops to occupy Iraq – did our president listen? Of course not. This is what you get when you try to fight a war on the cheap

  • Bush did not exhaust all diplomatic channels before we invaded Iraq – If we would have done this we could have built a real collation and had world support in our effort

  • Bush did not properly equip our troops with the proper armored vehicles – didn’t we learn anything from Somalia?

  • Bush's war has distracted our country from the global war on terror. We have played right into Bin Laden's hand, he wanted a holy war and Bush gave it to him

  • The Bush Administration has repeatedly ignored the commanders on the ground

  • The prisoner abuse scandal has turned the most moderate Iraqi against us – so much for winning the heart and minds of the Iraqi people

What is Bush’s plan for Iraq? I don’t think he knows. Does anyone really believe that the way we have prosecuted this war has made us or the world safer? 

Bush goes around the country saying this are getting better in Iraq, while the attacks on our troops have reached almost 50 attacks per day. Americans and other civilians are being kidnapped on a daily basis. Event the generals in the theater are criticizing this administrations lack of planning. Read this article in the Marine Times. Have you ever seen a time when the military openly criticizes the government who sent it war.
This war has distracted our country from the global war on terror. We have played right into Bin Laden's hand, he wanted a holy war and Bush gave it to him. Bush can't even use the right words he told the insurgence in Iraq to "Bring it on", what kind of leader tells the enemy come on and attack us. He called the war in Iraq a crusade. That is just what Moslems want to hear. This war has given the terrorist the greatest recruitment tool they could have ever asked for. Read this article written by an Arab it is titled "Come November - Al Qaeda will vote for George W. Bush", you can read it here.

Bush has screwed up in Iraq big time and he won't even admit there is a problem. How can you fix something when you don't think anything is wrong? How many more Americans are going to loose their lives before we change what we are doing? How long are we going to ignore the terrorists in the other parts of the world, because we are bogged down in the quagmire?  


Bush loves to surround himself on TV with U.S. service men while he has cut separation pay, he has cut combat pay, and he has even closed VA hospitals. He did all of this in the background while he was sending our sons and daughters off to die. Did you know that the families of guard men station in Iraq don't even get health care benefits? A guard solider stationed in Iraq that no longer gets health insurance from his old job can get health care for his family. The Guard family of a solider deployed in Iraq is not entitled to the same health care benefits of the Army solider he is serving next to. The Democrats tried to put this provision in the last military funding bill and the Republicans who control congress said “no”. I guess that tax cut for their wealthy friends might need to get trimmed back if we give the families or our brave Guard men and women health care. Bush said” we needed to sacrifice”, but it shouldn't only be our Troops and their families who are the only ones asked to sacrifice. How can we stand by and let them do this to the men and women who are putting their lives on the line? Our troops deserve better!


I could keep on going about Iraq, but I am getting tired of writing. I didn't even touch "Homeland Security", jobs, the environment, or health care. I will go it to those issues another day.


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