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As you can tell I am not a supporter of George Bush and I have set up my own BLOG to help me vent my frustration with is Administration. I hope you will find my BLOG interesting. If you would like to add comments to my BLOG please e-mail them to me and I will be happy to add them if I feel they are appropriate. I welcome comments even if you disagree with me. You can always post your comments to my Guestbook. Thanks for stopping by.

The Bush Administration is trying to scare the pubic into voting for them. They are running one misleading attack ad after another. The only way they can win this November is to paint John Kerry as weak. Read the whole story


Monday April 26, 2004

This Blog will be replaced with my new interactive WebBlog. Visit my new Blog and join the Blog. You can now add your comments and views I think you will find this pretty slick.

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Saturday April 24, 2003

The Bush White House has prohibited the press from showing images of our fallen soldiers returning home. The pentagon  said this policy was out of respect for the families. Others believe that this policy is to sanitize the war. They are afraid if the public sees the constant flow of flag draped coffins, then support for this war would slip and people may start questioning why we are fighting this war in the first place. The website www.memoryhole.org successfully obtained the banned photos from the Air Force under the freedom of information act. After the White found out the Air Force had released 365 photos, the pentagon stopped the release of the photographs to anyone else.

Our troops who return home alive are greeted as heroes. Shouldn't our fallen troops be greeted as heroes also?  I personally feel that these images are a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice made by these brave men. These photographs remind us of the real cost of war.

Posted by Eddie


Friday April 23, 2004

Here they go again

A Bush ad claims Kerry got "more special interest money than any other senator," which is false. While it is true that Kerry got $640,000 over the past 15 years from individual lobbyists. Bush campaign itself has reported raising $960,000 from individual lobbyists in the past year alone. The ad says Kerry got "millions from executives at HMO's, telecoms, drug companies," which is true -- for Kerry's entire political career. But so far Kerry's presidential campaign has received a small fraction of what the Bush campaign has received from those particular sources. By any definition, Bush's "special interest" money greatly exceeds Kerry's. Source FACTCHECK.ORG

Posted by Eddie


Thursday April 22, 2003

John Kerry releases military records

In response to the bombardment from right wing pundits questioning John Kerry’s military service, the Kerry’s campaign released John Kerry’s military records yesterday. The records show Kerry was a highly praised commander credited with killing at least 20 enemy soldiers. How dare the Bush supporters question Kerry’s military service when their candidate jumped ahead of hundreds of applicants to hide in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War? Kerry received three Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the National Defense Service Metal. Can you name the combat metals George Bush received? Oh that’s right he didn’t see any combat, he hid in the Guard. How many combat metals did Dick Chaney Receive? Oh, that’s right he did serve in the military. How many combat metals did Donald Rumsfeld receive? Oh, he didn’t serve either.  

Posted by Eddie


Monday April 19, 2004

How did the President get this war on Iraq so wrong?

See my newest article

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Sunday April 18, 2004

Bush illegally diverted 700 million dollars appropriated for the war on Afghanistan to plan the war in Iraq. This and other insights into the Iraqi war planning in the Bush White House will be addressed in an interview with Bob Woodard to night on 60 minutes.

Posted by Eddie


Thursday April 15, 2003

The Bush tax cut

The centerpiece of the Bush Administration economic stimulus program is his 33o billion tax cut. If you were to divide the number of new jobs created since the tax cut was passed, the cost per job created is over *423 million dollars per job. That price tag seems a little high to me since most of the jobs that were created are in the low wage, service sector. It would have made sense to have passed a public works bill where the American people would have actually received something for their money. The president is now promising to veto the highway bill which just passed congress. This highway bill would create good paying jobs and it would cost a lot less per job than the Bush tax cut.

* 423 million dollars DOES NOT include the interest on the debt which is a direct result from the tax cuts.

Posted by Eddie


Wednesday April 14, 2004

Yesterday I made some predictions of what Bush was going to say in his press conference. I did a pretty good job except he did not use the term “actionable intelligence” and instead of using the phase “moved mountains” he used “heaven and earth”.

Posted by Eddie


Tuesday April 13, 2004

George Bush is planning a prime time press conference this evening, only the twelfth of his presidency (the lowest of any president since the advent of television). I can only assume that Bush is having some heartburn about his sinking poll numbers and is making any attempt to stop the hemorrhaging. I am going out on a limb and make some predictions on what the president will say during his statement and his responses.

Bush will

  • Praise the troops

  • Show sorrow for the loss of life

  • Blame some one else for the recent uprisings in Iraq (the real reason is administration has no real plan for occupying Iraq)

  • Those responsible will be brought to justice

  • He will tell us that they new that their would be weeks like this (I thought we where going to be greeted as liberators)

  • Will say that the U.S. will turn governmental control over to the Iraqis (even though he doesn’t know to whom)

  •  Praise the 9/11 commission (don’t forget he opposed the commission’s creation and has been stonewalling the commission every step of the way)

  • Will say how the administration has been cooperating with the 9/11 commission

  • Will say he would have “moved mountains” to prevent 9/11 (soon as he got off vacation)

  • Will say that the PDB had no “actionable intelligence”

Not only did Bush ignore all PDB’S and the warnings from the CIA, FBI, foreign intelligence services he also ignored the Executive Summary of U.S. Commission on National Security Report. This report was finished on 1/31/01. You should read this report it is scary how dead on this report was. Read the report.

Posted by Eddie


Monday April 12, 2004

When asked about the lack of action by the administration in lieu of the controversial PDB released this weekend, Bush’s response was "I am satisfied that I never saw any intelligence that indicated there was going to be an attack on America: a time, and a place of an attack," When I saw his response I just thought this guy must be on drugs. What reasonable person would buy this bull?

If you use the president’s logic: I guess we will not be able to prevent future terrorist attacks unless we have the date of the attack, a specific location, a description of how the attack is going to be carried out, a description of the terrorists, and their names. Oh, their phone numbers would be helpful.

Exactly how stupid does Bush think we are? Bush should just admit he screwed up. Stop trying to defend and cover up your mistakes. Richard Nixon was forced out of office over the cover up of Watergate, not the actual crime.

Posted by Eddie

Monday April 12, 2004

When asked about the lack of action by the administration in lieu of the controversial PDB released this weekend, Bush’s response was "I am satisfied that I never saw any intelligence that indicated there was going to be an attack on America: a time, and a place of an attack," When I saw his response I just thought this guy must be on drugs. What reasonable person would buy this bull?

If you use the president’s logic: I guess we will not be able to prevent future terrorist attacks unless we have the date of the attack, a specific location, a description of how the attack is going to be carried out, a description of the terrorists, and their names. Oh, their phone numbers would be helpful.

Exactly how stupid does Bush think we are? Bush should just admit they screwed up. Stop trying to defend and cover up you mistakes. Richard Nixon was forced out of office over the cover up of Watergate, not the actual crime.  



Saturday April 10, 2004

What did we learn from Rice’s testimony? Thursday morning was supposed to have been the big show down, Rice-vs-Clark. Condoleezza Rice was going to show the country that the White House did everything possible to prevent 9/11. She was going to tell us how the president took all those briefings he received about Bin Laden and terrorist threats seriously. She was going to show us that Richard Clark was a liar. She was going to show us that the president was not preoccupied with Iraq prior to 9/11.

Instead of taking a defensive posture, Dr. Rice and the administration should have just come clean and admitted that mistakes or misjudgments were made prior to 9/11. Instead the White House would like us to believe there were no warning signs prior to 9/11, but we know there were, the writing was on the wall, and for some reason the administration was looking the other way. Dr. Rice should have taken a lesson from Richard Clark, and made a simple apology to the 9/11 families, that would have gone a long way. Instead Dr. Rice had an air of arrogance which seems to be the theme for this administration. It seems that the White House has a policy to never apologize – never explain.

After Richard Clark released his book and before he testified before the 9/11 commission, the White House released the attack dogs to discredit him. Republicans and administration officials (including Condoleezza Rice) were calling him a liar, a disgruntled employee and an opportunist who is just trying to sell his book. Condoleezza Rice’s testimony was going to prove that Richard Clark was lying. Amazingly both Rice and Clark basically told the same story, the difference was the way each person spined their respective story.   

Dr. Rice seemed to be combative at times and her memory seemed to be quite poor for a woman her age. Not to mention the fact that she confirmed the existence of the Aug. 6 Presidential Daily Briefing which spoke about Bin Laden plans to hijack planes and to blow up buildings. She confirmed that Richard Clark had asked for that meeting with the President and that the CIA Director briefed the president on a regular basis on the threat from the Bin Laden terrorist network.

If the FAA had known the Muslim extremists were planning to hijack planes, if the State and local governments knew terrorist were planning to blow up buildings, if the Immigration Department knew that the terrorist were moving freely in and out of the country, if the State Department knew about the terrorist threats (the fight school in Florida where some the terrorist learned to fly the planes required United States State Department clearance for aliens to enroll in classes), then September 11 may have turned out differently. Dr. Rice is probably correct; there was no silver bullet which could have prevented 9/11, but maybe if the administration hadn’t dismissed all the warning signs, I wouldn’t be writing this article today  

The bottom line is the Terrorist who hijacked the planes on that beautiful September morning are to blame for the horror that took place on 9/11, but it would have been nice if we had the chance to change the events that day. What a different world we would be living in if September 11, 2001 was just an ordinary day in September.

Posted by Eddie


Thursday April 8, 2004

Condoleezza Rice will be testifying today in public and under oath before the 9/11 commission. The eyes of the nation will be on her. I hope she is forth coming in her testimony. The American people have a right to know the truth.

American Soldiers have been in a battle for their lives the last few days in Iraq, and regrettably many of our brave men have lost that battle. The national security advisor is about to give a public testimony which may decide the Bush presidency, the administration still doesn't know who they are turning power over to in Iraq this June and where is the president? He is on vacation. Am I the only person who thinks this is strange? And you thought Michael Jackson was weird.

Posted by Eddie


Wednesday, April 7, 2004

I was planning on posting some amusing events today, but the recent deaths of a least 12 U.S. soldiers could not pass with out comment. Let us all pray for the safety of all our troops and the families of our fallen troops.

Posted by Eddie


Tuesday April, 6, 2003

One of George Bush’s biggest hurdles to reelection is the economy. Since Bush took office millions of Americans have lost their jobs. While employment figures have gained strength the past few months, the president is not out of the woods yet. Over one half of the new jobs which have been created under the Bush watch have been in the service sectors, which generally are low paying, without benefits.

Corporate profits are up, productivity is up, yet wages are stagnant. The rich get richer and the middle class can’t keep up with inflation. Read More

Posted by Eddie


Monday April 5, 2004

The official Pentagon death toll has now exceeded 600 troops. Well over half of the deaths have occurred after the President declared an end to major combat operations. Yesterday on the Sunday talk shows, Senator Richard Lugar said that the administration my need more troops in Iraq

and that handing over control of the government may need to be delayed due to recent setbacks. The events since the fall of Iraq show that the administration had no real plan for reconstruction or an exit plan for our troops.

Why did we invade Iraq? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Where are the mobile bio-weapons labs? Where are the nuclear weapons or weapons programs? Where are the ties to Al-Qaida? Where are the bio-weapon stockpiles? Where are the chemical weapon stockpiles? Where are the ties that Iraq had any thing to do with terrorism against the United States? Was invading Iraq in the best interests of the United States? 

Posted by Eddie


Sunday April 4, 2004

Did the White Hose drop the ball on 9/11 ?

Prior to September 11, 2001 the Bush administration received warnings almost on a daily basis that something like the events which occurred on 9/11 were immanent, but for some reason chose to ignore them.  Information has been flowing out of Washington the past few months which show the administration had its head in the sand about the terrorist threats which faced our nation. On September 11, 2001 the National Security Advisor to the president was scheduled to give a speech outlining the security threats facing our nation. In that speech was not one word about Al-Qaida, Bin Laden or any other terrorist network. Mrs. Rice was going to say that the biggest threat facing the U.S. was ballistic missiles.

Three former administration insiders, an FBI translator, former Clinton Administration officials, and the CIA director all say that the administration was warned repeatedly about the immanent threats of terrorist using planes as missiles. During the Atlanta Olympics a plan was put in place for such a scenario. So when Administration officials say that 9/11 was inconceivable, they either have the world’s worst memory or they are lying.

Maybe this is way President Bush opposed the creation of the 9/11 Commission.

Mr. Bush has:

  • Refused to release copies of the security briefing he received prior to 9/11 to the commission.

  • Refused to let Ms. Rice testify in public under oath in front of the commission and later changed his mind due to public pressure.

  • Launched the attack dogs to discredit Richard Clark after his remarks supported the facts that Bush was warned repeatedly about 9/11.

  • Refused to release the Clinton Administration records about the potential terrorist threats.

  • Has refused to meet with the entire 9/11 commission, under oath, in public, instead Bush will meet with the chairman and vice-chairman in private for only one hour.

  • Will not release the minutes from the terrorism taskforce headed up by the Vice-President.

The more we learn about the behavior of this Administration before and after 9/11, it becomes apparent that they are a ship without a rudder. It seems that we are fed one lie after another. The story is always changing, our troops are dieing, our citizens are dieing, the world sees us as the greatest threat to peace, and we are no safer today then we were on September 10, 2001.

Posted by Eddie


Saturday April 3, 2004

President Bush hailed data showing 308,000 new jobs were created last month, at the same time the unemployment rate for last month increased.  Most of the jobs were created in the lower paying service industry, and many of those jobs are only part-time. This just goes to show you that figures can be misleading. President Bush, Americans need good paying, full time jobs with benefits.

Posted by Eddie


Friday April 2, 2004

George Bush’s top 5 April fools jokes from Yesterday

5) I am working hard to protect the environment

4) We found weapons of mass destruction

3) We found the people responsible for sending the anthrax in the mail

2) My tax cuts for the wealthy have created millions of new jobs

1) The world is a safer place today then when I took office

Posted by Eddie


Thursday, April 1, 2004

Iraqis chant anti-American slogans as charred bodies hang from a bridge

BAGHDAD, Iraq - In one of the bloodiest and most horrifying days since the end of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, five U.S. troops and four American civilian contractors were killed in separate attacks in the Sunni Triangle west of Baghdad. After an ambush on two vehicles carrying the civilian contractors in Fallujah, jubilant Iraqis burned and mutilated the dead, then dragged two corpses through the streets and hung them from a bridge spanning the Euphrates River. (Source NBC News)


Why can’t we protect Americans?  The Administration would have us believe that we are winning the war on terrorism. Doesn’t lives of Americans abroad count? If this was happening to Americans on US soil the public would be outraged. It seems to me the administration has moved the attacks on Americans overseas, distancing the fight to make us feel more secure and giving us a false sense of security. When the administration asks US citizens to assist in the nation building effort in Iraq, we have a moral obligation to protect them. Remember the stories that we were told of how we were going to be greeted as liberators? Why are the Iraqis so full of hate  towards Americans that they would mutilate the bodies of Americans and display them for all the world to see?  

The administration is planning to turn governmental control over to the Iraqis in June. What type of government is going to put in place? Are Americans safer today then they were before the invasion of Iraq? Are Americans going to be safer in June then they are today?  

God bless our troops and all the brave men and women who are harms way.

Posted by Eddie


Wednesday, March 31 2004

I am pleased to hear of the White House’s decision to let Condoleezza Rice testify in public, under oath. I think the only reason the administration is letting Rice testify is because it did not have much choice. Like everything else surrounding 9/11 the administration says one thing, then gets painted into a corner and changes its mind. I guess that is what Republicans call “steady leadership.” I only hope that Rice answers all the questions put to her and does not invoke “executive privilege” too often during her testimony.

Posted by Eddie


Tuesday March 30, 2004

Why won’t Condoleezza Rice testify in public under oath?

The White still is refusing to let Condoleezza Rice testify in front of the 9/11 commission, in public, under oath. I do not know about you but I find this disturbing. It would seem that the White House would want the public to hear the sworn testimony of the National Security Advisor. The public has a right to hear what the White House knew prior to 9/11 and what they did with that information. What is this White House hiding? Richard Clark knows, and so do we.

 Prior to 9/11 the vice-president headed two committees, one on terrorism and one on energy. Which committee do you think meet the most, the committee with the vice-presidents oil buddies or the one which dealt with protecting the public from terrorism? We know the answer to that question.

Posted by Eddie


Monday March 29, 2004

Kerry takes aim at outsourcing, promises corporate tax cuts.

Tax lawyers, accountants and economists were generally upbeat Friday in their reviews of John Kerry's proposal to make over the U.S. tax code. Economic experts said tax credits that make it cheaper to add workers or lower the cost of providing health care could encourage hiring. That is not good news for President Bush. Read the full story.


Not finding “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq is not a laughing matter

This past Wednesday during the National Correspondent Dinner President Bush made jokes which were accompanied by photos of him looking for weapons of mass destruction. Some in the audience may have found it funny hearing the president joking about not finding WMD’S, but I am not so sure the families of service men who are in harms way find this light heartedness amusing. WMD’S was the cornerstone of the administrations argument for the war in Iraq. Mr. President not finding “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq is not a laughing matter.

Posted by Eddie


Sunday March 28, 2004

George Bush has stated in his campaign commercials that he has a plan for creating millions of jobs. The thing he forgets to mention is that the jobs are not in America.

Posted by Eddie


Saturday March 27, 2004

Will Bush buy American or go with a European joint venture?

Marine One, that helicopter that you always see the president getting out of on the White House lawn is scheduled to be replaced, and my be replaced with a chopper that is not made in America. The Bush Administration has been criticized for standing by and watching American jobs leave the country at an alarming rate. Now this administration is considering awarding the 15 billion dollar contract for the next generation Marine One to a foreign joint venture contractor. The awarding of the contract has been put off once and will probably be put off until after the election. Why won’t the administration announce its decision now? Because it has already made up it mind to go with the foreign firm and making that decision public now would just reinforce the sorry record this administration has for safeguarding American jobs. Mr. Bush be a man and announce you decision now or are you afraid the American people will see you for what you really are, a president who does not care about the working men and women of your own country.  

Posted by Eddie


Friday March 26, 2004

President Bush's campaign plans to portray John Kerry as a reckless spender whose promises would far exceed his capacity to pay for them. Did I read this correctly? This has to be a joke.

How can Bush call Kerry a reckless spender, when he has taken a budget surplus and turned it into the largest deficit in history? George Bush and the Republican controlled congress are spending our children’s money like a bunch of drunken sailors. The arrogance and self-denial of this administration is just sickening.

Bush pokes fun at himself at dinner. Thanks George, you have saved me the trouble.

Posted by Eddie


Thursday, March 24, 2004

Gas prices are at record highs, health care cost through the roof, home cost rising - This Bush doesn't get it "it's the economy stupid."

Posted by Eddie


Wednesday March 23, 2004

Why won't Condoleezza Rice testify to the 9/11 commission? We know why.

Posted by Eddie


Tuesday March 22, 2004

The following quotes are from NBC news story posted on the MSNBC website “The White House launched a bitter attack Monday on President Bush’s former counterterrorism adviser, denouncing the ex-aide’s accusation that the administration gave scant attention to al-Qaida while being obsessed over Saddam Hussein.” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the accusations by the former adviser, Richard Clarke, were “more about politics and book promotions than it is about policies.”  Does this sound familiar? If you do not like the message destroy the messenger. Instead of addressing why three members of the Bush inner circle have turned on their former boss. They all tell the same story. Attack Iraq at any cost. Disregard the evidence. This latest revelation is particularly disturbing, that Bush ignored pre 9/11 warnings about the potential threat from Al-Qaida.

Why would Richard Clark, a registered Republican, who worked for four presidents (three Republicans and one Democrat) lie? He has no reason to lie. I believe Richard Clark is a good man who could not stand by a watch this administration carry on the policies of deception which are endangering the safety of Americans. Can someone disagree with this Administration without being a liar?

I guess all of us who disagree with Bush are liars. If you don’t believe me just ask anyone in the administration. Like our president said “you are either with us or against us.” I do not know about you but I am sick and tired having my patriotism, or my intelligence questioned because I disagree with the president.

There have been many casualties in this war on terror. The truth maybe one of this war's greatest casualties.      

Posted by Eddie


Monday March 22, 2004

Bush turns the White House into a Holiday Inn for his biggest supporters! Remember all the uproar over Bill Clinton having guest stay over in the Lincoln Bedroom? This is what George Bush had to say about the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom Scandal, "I believe they've moved that sign, 'The buck stops here,' from the Oval Office desk to 'The buck stops here' on the Lincoln Bedroom. And that's not good for the country." Once again bush has said one thing and done another. President Bush has played host to dozens of his closest supporters at the White Hose as well as Camp David. I wonder why the so called Liberal media isn’t running with this story like it did with Bill Clinton. Read more about this story here. See the list of people who stayed at the White House here. I guess our White House is for sale!

Posted by Eddie


Sunday March 21, 2004

Today is Sunday and that means talk shows. I guess the Bush team will be sending all its men to hit the Sunday talk show circuit to slander Kerry. The one Bush team member or should I say ex-team member they do not want you to see will be on 60 minutes tonight. Richard A. Clarke said that during a meeting on September 12, 2001 the administration wanted to bomb Iraq, even though it was pointed out during that meeting that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. This is the third person in George Bush's inner circle to come out and say Mr. Bush was determined to get Sadam no matter what. Mr. Clark also basically says that this administration was asleep at the wheel before 9/11. Read the story or even better watch 60 minutes tonight. This is a preview clip from CBS.

Posted by Eddie


Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Bush Chaney website was caught selling fleece pullovers that are made in Myanmar (Burma). Imports from Myanmar are ban, and what makes it even worse the Bush Administration put them on the list of banned countries. I have been saying for years that George Bush does not care about U.S. Workers and this is just action that proves it. This administration and campaign never stops amazing me.

Yesterday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said he did not believe Democratic candidate John Kerry, a friend and Senate colleague, was weak on defense or would compromise national security. It was refreshing to see a Republican who is honest. The White House needs to follow McCain's lead and have an honest debate on the issues, not the mis-issues.

Posted by Eddie


Wednesday March 17, 2004

Welcome to my BLOG. Amazing last week I didn’t even know what a BLOG was, now I have one. My BLOG is dedicated to defeating George Bush. I will attempt to have new entry every day which will have the latest news and my opinions on our President. I guess I will start with putting into words why I am so opposed to George Bush. Where do I start?

Well let’s start with the economy; during this administration 3.3 million jobs have been lost. Bush’s top economic advisor has stated that the out sourcing of US jobs is good for economy. Is this guy on Crack?  One third of a three trillion tax cut going to 2% of the population, Bush’s plan to open our borders to job stealing illegal immigrants, a green light for corporations to send millions of good paying jobs out of the country, Bush’s plan to screw millions of American workers out of overtime pay, corporate corruption which has allowed Bush contributors to steal billions from average Americans (but they got Martha Stewart), and don’t forget this great jobless recovery. What in the world is a jobless recovery? That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one or may be it is just that Bush is a moron.  Oh and lets not forget about record high gasoline prices. How is that possible when we are now controlling the world’s second largest oil supply? 

Let's talk environment. This administration record on the environment just sucks; the Bush administration has initiated more than 200 major rollbacks of America's environmental laws, weakening the protection of our country's air, water, public lands and wildlife. Read this article in Rolling Stone it says it all.

Let’s talk lies. This administration has lied since day one. Remember WMD, or this tax plan will create 2.5 million jobs. How about the lies he is saying in his commercials, distorting John Kerry’s record. There is also “No Child Left Behind” which he refuses to fund. He says he supports our troops while he is cutting Veterans benefits and combat pay. This administration has the nerve to say they never said that Sadam was an imminent threat. How about Iraq was purchasing materials to build a nuke or that Iraq was involved with 9-11. I could keep on going but I don’t want to make this entry to long. 

Let’s talk 9-11 and Homeland Security. Well I have already talked about the lies which were used to sell the war. I feel out involvement in Iraq is sealing resources needed to fight the war on terror. Those troops could be use to secure our borders, protect our airport and ports. I con not believe that we are not trying to stop the flow of illegals from invading our country from the south. If ten of thousands of Mexicans can cross the border every week, so could terrorist. Was Sadam a bad man? Yes, is the world better off without him? Yes, but if use that argument then there are several other countries we need to invade to make this world a better place. There were and still is other countries which harbor and support terrorist, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Sudan, these countries were are larger threat to us than Iraq was. This administration has failed to fund the first responders, which has resulted budget crisis for every state and most large cities.  Don’t even get me started on the “Patriot ACT’, I can’t believe how we are willing to give up or liberties for feeling a little safer. Remember Patrick Henry? “Give me liberty or give me death”

Well I guess that is enough for today.

Posted by Eddie

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