August 10, 2004

Kerry Asks Bush: How Can Americans Aspire to 'Ownership' if they Don't Have a Decent-Paying Job?

We bet there's several million citizens out there who are damn happy to hear someone ask Bush this question! As Dubya stumbles city to city trying to whip up support by promising Americans a future of "ownership" -as in homes, a college degree, etc., he's leaving out one little detail: WHO WILL PAY? Certainly not the family pulling down just enough to pay the bills but not enough to save for a downpayment, or even closing costs on a house. Surely not the parents who cannot pay all of their childs' medical bills, let alone put money toward college. Read Kerry's point by point response to Bush's "Let them eat twinkies" philosophy! (Source U.S. Newswire) Read More...

Posted by Crazy Eddie at August 10, 2004 12:03 AM