August 14, 2004

Bush Even Outsourced His Campaign! Promo Merchandise is Made in Burma, China, Honduras, Haiti

While Kerry and Edwards have made SURE that all of their campaign merchandise is made in the USA - not only that, but by UNION LABOR - Bush/Cheney are adding insult to the injury they've already inflicted on American workers by selling souvenir hats, shirts, and other stuff made by the cheapest overseas labor available, including Burma (Myanmar) (allegedly these items have been discontinued after it was exposed that Bush campaign warmup shirts were made there - even though an import ban was supposedly in place) Other items were made in Honduras, China and Haiti - how convenient for Bush that the labor-friendly president of Haiti (who had demanded a minimum wage of US corporations) was overthrown just in time for Campaign 2004!. (Source U.S. Newswire) More...

Posted by Crazy Eddie at August 14, 2004 12:45 AM