August 16, 2004

Aid arriving to Hurricane victims

Ice, water, food, and baby formula have arrived in Florida in record time to help the hurricane victims. I think this is great. Last year we were hit hard by Hurricane Isabel. Millions of people were with out power, homes were inhabitable, water was deemed unfit to drink. During the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel it took FEMA almost two weeks before water and ice was distributed. Why did it take two weeks for FEMA to act in Virginia after Isabel? My friends I don’t think that is the question. The real question is why was FEMA so quick to act in Florida? Could it be that the presidential election is less than two months away and that Florida is crucial to Bush’s chances to be reelected? Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled that the citizens of Florida are receiving aid in a timely manner; I am just sorry that Bush may get some political gain off of someone’s misfortune. But he has been doing that for years, just talk to the families of our dead and wounded soldiers.

Posted by Crazy Eddie at August 16, 2004 11:32 PM