September 27, 2004

Who is telling the truth? Answer: Not Bush

President Bush continues to tell the American people that the United States will not cut and run in Iraq and that we must do what is necessary to win the peace in Iraq. But wait a minute Donald Rumsfeld, the US defense secretary, signaled last night, saying there was no need to wait for peace to begin a withdrawal. But if we pulled out before there is peace we would be cutting and running. Who is telling the truth? Does Bush have a plan to tell the people one thing and do another after the election or maybe Bush does not have control over Rumsfeld. Either one is disturbing. (Source story). Yesterday Colin Powell to the public that the situation is getting worse which is in direct conflict to what President Bush is telling the public. Powell also admitted that anti-American sediment in the Muslim world is increasing, which is in direct contrast to Bush’s statements (source story). Bush basically called Kerry crazy when he said the war in Iraq had increased anti-American felling and made the United States less secure.

Posted by Crazy Eddie at September 27, 2004 12:05 AM