September 30, 2004

Bush Ad Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq - Bush will do anything to win, even lie

The Ads selective use of Kerry's own words makes him look inconsistent on Iraq. A closer look gives a different picture.

Kerry has never wavered from his support for giving Bush authority to use force in Iraq, nor has he changed his position that he, as President, would not have gone to war without greater international support. But a Bush ad released Sept. 27 takes many of Kerry's words out of context to make him appear to be alternately praising the war and condemning it.

Here we present this highly misleading ad, along with what Kerry actually said, in full context.

This ad is the most egregious example so far in the 2004 campaign of using edited quotes in a way that changes their meaning and misleads voters.
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Posted by Crazy Eddie at September 30, 2004 12:03 AM