October 02, 2004

Fox news shows once again why they are a tool of the RNC

The morning after the debate, the chief political correspondent for Fox News, Carl Cameron wrote a story full of phony quotes from John Kerry. It appears to me that Fox News channel has their own Jayson Blair. The unfunny story pandering to all the right-wing distortions of John Kerry was pulled from the website after complaints. What is disturbing is that instead for writing a factual story about the debate. Cameron, whose wife openly worked for the Bush Campaign, wrote a phony, unflattering, false story about John Kerry. Why is this political hack covering politics? The Soviets had Pravda, now the RNC has Fox News. Read the story on the Seattle Times website.
E-mail Fox at Comments@foxnews.com and ask for Cameron to be fired.

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 2, 2004 10:34 AM