October 06, 2004

JOBS - Quality not Quantity

As the administration brags about their job growth record (should be lack of job growth record), a new study show Americans are concerned about the poor quality of the jobs which are replacing the good jobs that are leaving our country (as this administration just stands by).

A recent study released from Corporate Voices for Working Families, with 48 major corporations as partners, finds the voting public is more concerned about the quality of jobs being created than about job growth overall. More than six out of 10 people surveyed think that a lack of good wages and benefits is a bigger problem than a shortage of jobs; 68 percent think most new jobs being created in this country are lower-paying, and without benefits; and only 13 percent view new jobs as "good-paying," full-time jobs with benefits. Read more

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 6, 2004 12:00 AM