October 09, 2004

Debates – Bush bombs again

Let me start by saying Bush’s performance on last nights debate was 100% better from the first debate, but he didn’t even close to showing the public why he should be given four more years as our president. Bush could not give us any credible reason why the next four years of a Bush administration would be any better than the last four years.

Bush’s aggressive condescending attitude will not set well with the public. His performance reminded me of the mistake Gore made in the 2000 debate, when he invaded Bush’s space, which turned off voters. A presidential debate is a job interview and if you were interviewing Bush and he acted like he did last night, would you hire this guy? I would tell him I had chosen someone else for the job and suggest that he go home immediately and take his Prozac.

With the constant flow of bad news flowing in from Iraq, the sputtering economy, and the poor debate performances the Bush/Cheney campaign is imploding. With Bush going south in the poles, we should be getting one of those terror alerts in the near future. The Bush/Cheney team will turn their campaign of fear and smear into high gear which is the only chance they have of winning this election. I just hope the electorate is smart enough to see past the distortions, lies and empty promises and make the correct choice this November 2nd.

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 9, 2004 02:09 AM