October 14, 2004

Debates – Kerry/Edwards 4 Bush/Cheney 0


Well the debates are over and the dust is settling and it is apparent that the Bush/Cheney team lost every debate. The last debate was another example of the Bush strategy to avoid answering the tough questions, call John Kerry names, ignore the truth and the most important part of their strategy is to change the subject. The president once again showed that his toughest challenge in the debate was to speak in complete sentences. His answer over and over again to unemployment was the “No Child Left Behind” bill; how does educating our children help the father that is laid off? Don’t get me wrong I believe that it is paramount that our children are well educated, but the president showed once again he is out of touch with reality.


The president was proud of his administrations border control; I guess he is telling us that 4000 illegal aliens crossing the borders every day is good for our economy and our security.


We learned that Bush said he would have signed the assault weapons band, but did nothing to encourage the bills passage, and the National Riffle Association endorses him today.


In the last debate Bush tried to explain why he will not let senior’s import drugs from Canada, and tonight he tells us we are going to get the flu vaccine from Canada. Does this make Bush a flip flopper?


Bush could not outline a plan to address the health care crisis, but attacked misstated Kerry’s position. I guess that is why the score after three debate the score is Kerry/Edwards 4 and Bush/Cheney 0. If the American people have been paying attention John Kerry will win this election by a landslide, if they haven’t been paying attention God help us.

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 14, 2004 12:05 AM

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Posted by: Alex at October 14, 2004 01:07 PM