October 22, 2004

Who is watching the store?

US Newswire: John Edwards stated: "There's a problem when our troops are in harm's way, fighting for a secure Iraq and our national security adviser is out on the stump campaigning instead of working. There's a problem when the Vice President is warning of a nuclear attack and the Homeland Security Secretary who has declared that he is separate from politics spends the bulk of his time traveling battleground states. There's a problem when there is a flu shot shortage and the Secretary of Health and Human Services is too busy advocating for George Bush instead of those who most need these shots. There's a problem when the economy has lost 800,000 jobs and the Treasury Secretary is out on the stump calling these losses a myth instead of focusing on bringing them back.... But I know how to fix this problem -- it's called Election Day. On Nov. 2, we're going to cast the votes to put John Kerry into the White House and we're going to nip this problem in the bud." Read more

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 22, 2004 12:03 AM