October 25, 2004

The Bush campaign of FEAR, Smear and lies continues


Just a note; I used factcheck.org which is the non-political website Dick Cheney wanted you to go to for the truth. So I took the Vice-Presidents advice and this is what I found.


In Bush’s most recent Ad titled “Wolves” the soft spoken voice Says “even after the first terrorist attack on America” (which most people would think 9-11). The Ad claims “John Kerry and the liberal in congress voted to slash intelligence spending by 6 billion dollars”. If you look at the source the Ad uses, it is based on a bill in 1994, which is eight years before 9-11. Also the cut they are talking about was part of a budget deficit reduction bill which would cut intelligence spending by 4% (that is hardly gutting). What the Ad does not say is that in 1995 Porter Goss, who is now Bush’s CIA Director, co-sponsored an even strong measure that would have cut CIA personnel by 20 percent over five years.


Why must Bush lie, and scare the public? Well the answer is simple; they can not win running on their record.

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Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 25, 2004 12:10 AM

They love the lies

Posted by: joe@sixpack.com at October 26, 2004 10:06 PM