October 25, 2004

Newspapers Across America Send a Message to Voters: Elect John Kerry; 58 More Newspapers Endorse Kerry for President

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Adding to the strong momentum behind the Kerry-Edwards campaign as it heads into the final week, 58 leading newspapers in important states across America endorsed John Kerry for president this weekend.
One hundred thirteen daily newspapers with a combined circulation of 14.4 million readers have endorsed the Kerry-Edwards ticket, 27 of which endorsed George W. Bush in 2000 - including Bush's hometown Crawford paper, the Lone Star Iconoclast. By comparison, Bush has received endorsements from only seventy daily newspapers with a circulation of 8.6 million. (Source)

Democrats rack up local Virginia Paper Endorsements

Daily press (Kerry) , Virginia Pilot (Kerry), The Virginia Gazette (Kerry), Virginia Pilot (Scott), Virginia Pilot (Ashe)

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 25, 2004 12:06 AM