October 31, 2004

King George abuses 1st Amendment

John Nichols: "Tom Jefferson argued that the rebellion against King George III was unfinished business. (He) went so far as to suggest that the tree of liberty would need to be watered every 20 years or so with the blood of patriots. When another King George brought his royal tour to southwestern Wisconsin Tuesday, high school students in Richland Center got a powerful lesson regarding the difficulty of stamping out the regal impulse in the lesser leaders of our age. The Bush campaign rented the local high school and applied the divine right of kings - or at least one ill-prepared and inarticulate boy king - to a public school. Richland Center students were informed that they could attend the audience with His Highness only if they donned a Bush for President T-shirt or so-called "neutral clothing." What they could not wear was any clothing that promoted the cause of any dissenter to the rule of King George. If they showed up dressed inappropriately they would be removed..." More

Posted by Crazy Eddie at October 31, 2004 01:04 AM