November 02, 2004

Republican Mailer Terrorizes Parents

Josh Marshall blogs about "a flyer sent around Florida by an outfit called the Florida Leadership Council. The headline reads: 'First Day of School: Eighth Grade South Florida Middle School, 2007'. Under that is a class of school children wearing gas masks and beneath that is the following faux-AP story ... (AP) Florida Red Zone -- August 14th, 2007 -- President Kerry warned parents and children in South Florida that mandatory radiation and chemical gear would be required to be worn 'for the forseeable future' since the Suitcase Dirty Bomb terrorist attack on South Florida in the spring. The first day of school was chaotic, as teachers and school officials attempted to bring some ... Click here to see the actual flyer with your own lyin' eyes. "

Posted by Crazy Eddie at November 2, 2004 12:03 AM