November 02, 2004

Thank God for the USA, that there will be enough of us to defeat Bush today

My Republican friends just don’t believe me when I say that Bush does not deserve to be President and I can accept them not taking my word, being that I am a diehard Democrat. What I do not understand why they don’t believe the dominions of republicans and conservatives who believe that this administration has been a failure. Paul O’Neil (Bush’s Treasury Secretary), a person who was very loyal to Bush until he saw the man from the inside. O’Neil put his country before his party and was chewed up by the Bush machine. You had three of Bush’s very own arms inspectors tell us the truth and they were also chewed up by the W machine. You have Bob Barr, who lead the impeachment process against Clinton who not only said he could not vote for Bush, but also encouraged conservatives not to vote for Bush. You have respected members of the Republican Party, such as Richard Lugar calling Bush’s policies an “embarrassment.” The American Conservative Magazine has even endorsed Kerry, and my friends won’t listen to them either. I guess they are just blinded by party affiliation over the wellbeing of their country. It is a sad day when the R next to your name means more to someone than the welfare of their own country.

Posted by Crazy Eddie at November 2, 2004 12:04 AM

Ipray you are correct!

Posted by: Sue at November 2, 2004 11:03 PM