November 06, 2004

Bush received 3,898 extra votes in an Ohio precinct were only 638 people voted

An error with an electronic voting system gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in suburban Columbus, elections officials said. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct. This error was in one precinct the state where the unofficial vote count had Bush winning by 130,000 votes and there still are almost 160,000 provincial and absentee ballots which have not been counted. How many more machines recorded the votes incorrectly? Why were the republicans in congress opposed to requiring a paper trail for the touch screen machines? Since there is no paper trail there is no way of ever knowing if the vote count in Ohio is correct. Maybe the exit polls in Ohio were right. (Source Associated Press)

Posted by Crazy Eddie at November 6, 2004 02:25 AM