May 28, 2004

Bush's Secret Budget Cuts Exposed

George Bush is planning large cuts in many vital federal programs after the election. The Washington Post obtained a memo dated May 19 which outlined cutting the budgets of the Homeland Security Department, The Education Department, The Veterans Affairs Department, The Environmental Protection Agency, The National Institutes of Health, and The Interior Department. The administration would cut money to these key agencies while pushing congress to make the tax cuts for the rich permanent. Where are Bush’s priorities? What is more important our children’s education, Veterans benefits, our environment, our counties security or tax cuts for the wealthy? I propose we cut Bush loose and let him return to his ranch in Texas.
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May 25, 2004

Is Bush winning the war on terror?

Far from being crippled by the U.S.-led war on terror, al-Qaida has more than 18,000 potential terrorists scattered around the world and the war in Iraq is swelling its ranks, a report said Tuesday.

Al-Qaida is probably working on plans for major attacks on the United States and Europe, and it may be seeking weapons of mass destruction in its desire to inflict as many casualties as possible, the International Institute of Strategic Studies said in its annual survey of world affairs.

Osama bin Laden’s network appears to be operating in more than 60 nations, often in concert with local allies, the study by the independent think tank said. By BARRY RENFREW, Associated Press Writer

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Bikers Rallying to Support John Kerry


As a Harley owner I am proud of the bikers rallying to support John Kerry. I think it is cool that John Kerry is a Harley Rider. Below is a photo of J.K. on a Harley

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May 24, 2004

Bush ratings hit new low - again

In the CBS survey, 61 percent of the 1,113 people asked disapproved of the way Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, just 34 percent approved.

The CBS poll showed that in a head-to-head dust up, 49 percent of registered voters said they would back Kerry in the presidential contest, while 41 percent said they would vote for Bush.

It also said 65 percent of Americans now feel the country is heading in the wrong direction, matching the highest number since CBS began asking the question in the mid-1980's. Only 30 percent said the United States was headed in the right direction. Source - AFP

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Kerry's Campaign Gets New Airplane


Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry's new charter plane sits at Miami International Airport, Sunday, May 9, 2004, in Miami. Kerry's presidential campaign is scheduled for takeoff Tuesday morning, May 25, 2004. The Boeing 757-200 includes two conference tables, eight phone lines, a copy machine, a printer, and a power outlet in every seat for laptops and cell phone charging. It also has a standup bar for socializing. The plane is emblazoned 'John Kerry for President' and can seat 94 in five separate cabins. (AP Photo/Kerry for President)

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May 23, 2004

On track to be the first president since the Great Depression to loose jobs

Despite recent gains in the job market President Bush is on track to be the first president since the Great Depression to loose jobs on his watch. So don’t believe the President when he paints a rosy economic picture. Just look at gasoline and milk prices. Medical cost have risen an average of 13% per year since Bush took office. Are your wages keeping up? I don’t think so.

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President Bush pardons dead man.

Not to be outdone by John Ashcroft who lost his Senate seat in 1995 to a dead man George Bush pardoned a man who had been dead for two weeks. Bush, in a move to show he is the “Environmental President” also pardoned Kenneth Lynn Norris of Yukon, Okla., for a 1993 conviction for illegal disposal of hazardous waste. Source AP
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May 22, 2004

GOP Senator Rips Bush on Iraq, Terrorism

MEDFORD, Mass. - Republican Sen. Richard G. Lugar on Saturday said the United States isn't doing enough to stave off terrorism and criticized President Bush for failing to offer solid plans for Iraq's future.
Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the nation must prevent terrorism from taking root around the world by "repairing and building alliances," increasing trade, supporting democracy, addressing regional conflicts and controlling weapons of mass destruction.

Unless the country commits itself to such measures, "we are likely to experience acts of catastrophic terrorism that would undermine our economy, damage our society and kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people," the Indiana senator said during an appearance at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. By MARK PRATT, Associated Press Writer

Comment: You know things are bad when your own party starts attacking you on matters of national security. It is time for a change – Elect John Kerry!

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Now we find out he can not ride a bicycle


First Bush chokes on a pretzel, falls and gives himself a black eye. Now we find out not only does the president not how to eat, but he can not ride a bicycle either.

 George W. Bush suffered minor abrasions after falling off a mountain bike while cycling on his Texas ranch on Saturday, the White House said. The 57-year-old Republican president had cycled 16 miles (25 km) of a 17-mile (27-km) afternoon bike course when he toppled over while riding downhill on what the White House described as soil loosened by recent rainfall. 'He had minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, upper lip, his nose, right hand and both knees,' White House spokesman Trent Duffy told reporters. REUTERS/William Philpott

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May 20, 2004

"take the training wheels off"

Iraqis are ready to "take the training wheels off" and assume political power from the U.S.-led coalition, President Bush said Thursday as his administration began to roll out a rough plan for the June 30 transition of authority. (SCOTT LINDLAW, Associated Press Writer)

Seems kind of funny the US is going to turn over control of the Iraqi government in a little more than a month. Who are the going to turn it over too? This just proves that this administration is clueless.

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ABC News May 19, 2004

A picture released by ABC News May 19, 2004 shows a woman identified as Specialist Sabrina Harman posing over the body of detainee Manadel a-Jamadi in Abu Ghraib prison. According to testimony from Spc. Jason Kenner, obtained by ABC News, the man was brought to the prison by US Navy Seals in good health. Kenner said he saw extensive bruising on the detainee's body when he was brought out of the showers, dead. Kenner says the body was packed in ice during a 'battle' between CIA and military interrogators over who should dispose of the body. The Justice Department  opened an investigation into this death and four others today following a referral from the CIA. The photo was taken by Sgt. Charles Fredrick who in e-mails to his family has asked why the people responsible for the prisoner's death were not being prosecuted in the same manner that he is. (ABC News via Reuters)

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One more reason we should elect Kerry

US film director Alexandra Kerry, daughter of US presidential candidate John Kerry arrives for the official projection of the film 'Kill Bill 2' during 57th Cannes Film Festival in the French Riviera town (AFP). This is one more reason we should elect John Kerry. I think she should wear this to John Kerry's inauguration.

(AFP/File/ Guyot)

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May 19, 2004

Gasoline tops $2.00 per gallon

Fact: The average price for a gallon of gasoline has climbed to over $2.00 per gallon for the first time in history.
Fact: The administration has done nothing to try to control the price of gasoline.
Fact: Oil company profits are up approximately 90%.
Fact: The oil companies have given millions of dollars to the Bush campaign.
You have the facts, now draw your own conclusion.
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May 15, 2004

Police Union Rejects Bush, Backs Kerry

Presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry on Friday collected the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, a police union that backed President Bush in the 2000 election. Source AP

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Bush Administration rewrites overtime pay law

The Bush Administration rewrites overtime pay law. The rule, which takes effect Aug. 23, will exempt about 100,000 workers now eligible for overtime pay. This doesn’t seem like a lot of workers, but you can bet this is just the start. Once again George Bush shows America how he feels about the working men and women of this country.

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May 14, 2004

Pollsters: Kerry aside, Bush is in trouble

A new Pew Research Center poll Wednesday showed Bush’s approval rating at 44 percent, down from 48 percent a month ago and 58 percent in January. While the poll gives Kerry a 50-45 lead over Bush in a two-way race. “He is in dangerous territory now,” pollster John Zogby said of Bush. Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup poll, said Bush’s slowly sinking job approval rating, down to 46 percent in his latest survey, was similar to the dropping trajectory of the last three incumbents to lose their elections -- George Bush, the current president’s father, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. In contrast, the five most recent incumbent presidents who won their elections never dipped below 50 percent in their job approval rating at any point in the election year, he said. Source - MSMBC News

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May 13, 2004

Trade deficit swells to a all-time high of $46 billion

The trade deficit swelled to an all-time high of $46 billion in March. The trade gap reported by the Commerce Department on Wednesday was 9.1 percent bigger than the $42.1 billion deficit posted in February. Since Bush took office in January 2001, factories have lost 2.74 million jobs. Source MSMBC NEWS

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May 12, 2004

This is a good one

The AP reported the following - (MADISON, Wis.) Faced with a scarcity of letters praising the president, a newspaper in a Republican-leaning district appealed for pro-Bush letters. I don’t know why I found this so funny!

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May 11, 2004

Another American Contractor Killed

The beheading today of an American Contractor outrages me. My heart goes out to the family of Nick Berg.

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May 10, 2004

Visit the Kerry for President Website

May 05, 2004

Bush asked Congress for an additional $25 billion

The Associated Press reported that the Bush administration asked Congress for an additional $25 billion Wednesday for U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a retreat from the White House’s earlier plans not to seek such money until after the November elections.

What a shock that this administration would say one thing and do another. The additional spending will bring the cost of this war to over 100 billion dollars. Prior to the war the Deputy Secretary of Defense told the Senate that this war would cost the taxpayers 1.5 billion.

That is almost a seven thousand percent increase in funding for the war. That means this administration is either the most incompetent in history or they are a bunch of liars.

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May 04, 2004

The Kerry campaign is launching two new television

The Kerry campaign is launching two new television ads that highlight John Kerry's lifetime of service and strength and his optimistic vision that together we can build a stronger America.

The new ads – “Heart” and “Lifetime” – feature the people who know John Kerry best talking about the service and strength Kerry has displayed throughout a life that has included: earning the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and Three Purple Hearts; making decisions that saved his crewmates' lives in Vietnam; fighting for victims’ rights as a prosecutor; and serving America in the Senate as a strong voice for issues that make a difference in the lives of every day Americans. - Source John Kerry website

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May 03, 2004

Why the White House is upset

The White House and other Republicans are upset over ads which are critical of the Bush Administration. I have put together list of most of the ads. See the ads that has George Bush so upset.

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Will Bush buy American?

Marine One, that helicopter that you always see the president getting out of on the White House lawn is scheduled to be replaced, and my be replaced with a chopper that is not made in America. The Bush Administration has been criticized for standing by and watching American jobs leave the country at an alarming rate. Now this administration is considering awarding the 15 billion dollar contract for the next generation Marine One to a foreign joint venture contractor. The awarding of the contract has been put off once and will probably be put off until after the election. Why won’t the administration announce its decision now? Because it has already made up it mind to go with the foreign firm and making that decision public now would just reinforce the sorry record this administration has for safeguarding American jobs. Mr. Bush be a man and announce you decision now or are you afraid the American people will see you for what you really are, a president who does not care about the working men and women of your own country.

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May 02, 2004

Bush turns the White House into a Holiday Inn

Bush turns the White House into a Holiday Inn for his biggest supporters! Remember all the uproar over Bill Clinton having guest stay over in the Lincoln Bedroom? This is what George Bush had to say about the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom Scandal, "I believe they've moved that sign, 'The buck stops here,' from the Oval Office desk to 'The buck stops here' on the Lincoln Bedroom. And that's not good for the country." Once again bush has said one thing and done another. President Bush has played host to dozens of his closest supporters at the White Hose as well as Camp David. I wonder why the so called Liberal media isn’t running with this story like it did with Bill Clinton. I guess the White House is for sale!

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Cowards shouldn't quibble or accuse

This article is right on the mark - WHAT'S ALL this horse manure about ribbons and medals? And it comes from absentee Dick Cheney and semi-AWOL George Bush. How dare the administration's Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, who skipped the war of their time, send 700 young Americans to their deaths. Read the whole article from the Boston Globe

A campaign of fear

Bush’s campaign is biased on lies - The Bush Administration is trying to scare the pubic into voting for them. They are running one misleading attack ad after another. The only way they can win this November is to paint John Kerry as weak. Read the whole story

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May 01, 2004

Today is “Mission Accomplished Day"

This goes to show that this administration does not have a clue
Today is “Mission Accomplished Day”. One year ago today George Bush, on the deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln declared an end of major combat operations. This goes to show that this administration does not have a clue.

This is our Cowboy Pesident one year ago to day trying to look tough.

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Pentagon's No. 2 blunders on American Casualties

Wolfowitz is either an idiot or was trying to down play the loss of life during this war When asked how many American troops have died in Iraq, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz replied "It's approximately 500, of which — I can get the exact numbers — approximately 350 are combat deaths,"

How can the number two man at the pentagon, an architect of the military campaign in Iraq not know how many of over brave soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq? Wolfowitz made this statement while testifying in front of congress about the war. I would have thought he would have been prepared to answer basic questions.

Wolfowitz is either an idiot or was trying to down play the loss of life during this war. This Administration should not be playing games with the numbers, especially when each of those numbers represents the death of an American soldier.

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